Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Buildings in color!

We had a fun (and unusual) art class today. 

Due to unforeseen events we were in a new location! We were unexpectedly moved to the hall where every kiddo walking to the water fountain or bathroom had a chance to see and enjoy our art making! As you can see, the kids had a chance to add color to the buildings they made last week. We used oil pastels. The kids were free to elaborate and color any way they chose. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Architectural Design : Building Prints

Ever wonder what your child's dream house looks like? Ever wonder what they would build if they could? Today we explored this idea in a printmaking class!

For this class I did a full demonstration before letting the kids go on the project. I talked them through the process. Let's begin with the white paper! I take my cardboard square and dip one of the thin edges into the paint. Then I press the painted edge onto my paper. Repeating this process on my page I am able to imagine (and then create!) the overall shape of my house and all the interesting details I want to add. The kids added: doors, windows, roofs, awnings, chimneys, ladders, slides(!), kites, stars and more!

For materials we had: 
Large pieces of black and white construction paper
Washable black paint
Washable orange paint (in honor of the Halloween season)
And 2" squares of cut cardboard

After finishing the black and white pieces, we switched to black paper and orange paint for a Halloween themed house. Next week we will add color to these pieces. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Bears, bears, bears!

Today's classroom project was entirely drawing focused with a theme of "bears in the woods".

We began by imagining a bear in the woods. The kids talked about all they saw in their minds and what they might want to add to their pictures. We asked questions like: what kind of bear is this? Does in have a family? What is the season? What is the weather? What time of day is it? What is my bear doing?

With these ideas in mind, we began drawing. I encouraged the kids to follow along as I did a demonstration drawing. We drew our bears using a combination of simple shapes.

The kids drew their bears and then added all sorts of personal details. Many of the kids liked the idea of a family of bears. Others focused more on the details of the landscape and background. Finally we used colored pencils to give our pieces some life and color. Take a look below! They are wonderful!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Fall Leaves : Warm and Cool

It's fall! (almost!)

We had a ton of fun this class working on a fall leaf project that incorporated the idea of warm and cool colors in art. We began by brainstorming what colors felt warm and cool to us. The kids were quite adept at this and even managed to articulate that there were some clear "middle" colors (green and purple) that could be seen as either warm or cool. Pretty neat!

Then we did a quick exercise to help the kids conceptualize an easy way to draw leaves and began our project. The kids each drew 5 (or more) fall leaves on watercolor paper. Then we painted. The kids were encouraged to use warm colors for the leaves (reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, browns, warm greens) and cool colors for the fall sky (blues, purples, grays).

As you can see from the final pieces, some children really resonated with that plan and kept with it through out the class. Others began with the warms and cools and then follow their own inspiration to finalize their pieces. Both approaches are completely valid and supported. I do encourage the kids to follow instructions initially so that they can benefit from the intended lesson, but once they have accomplished that, I want them feel free to follow their intuition where it goes! It was an energetic and lovely class!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Owls: From Drawing to Painting

What a wonderful day in Kindergarten Art! 

We began our morning with a warm-up worksheet. Although it is not the most enjoyable part of the project, it was important as it featured many of the shapes we would be utilizing to draw the owl. After the kids had practiced their shapes, we moved on to drawing the owls. Step by step the kids followed along with my demonstration. They were incredibly focused and persistent. I was also very pleased to see that many of them felt comfortable and confident adding their own creative details.

After our initial drawing (done in pencil) the kids traced their owl in permanent marker. This not only gave them a chance to continue improving drawing skills and artistic confidence, it also allowed them to alter and perfect anything they weren't quite happy with the first time. We then added some blue, purple and white oil pastels to our skies and moons.

Then (finally! What we had all been waiting for!) we got out watercolors and began to paint. The kids were encouraged to use the watercolors to fill their whole page with color. They were allowed to mix their own colors and did wonderfully when it came to sharing our beautiful art class materials! These owls are amazing! It is always incredible for me to watch as the children receive identical instructions and then produce such remarkably varied and beautiful work!