Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Watercolor Owls

Drawing and painting were on the table today. The kids followed along with a lesson learning to draw owls. After we got the basics of shape and features down, the kids were free to add the details that they wanted to their owls. Then they traced the owls with permanent markers. 

Then came the fun part. We got out the watercolors.

In terms of learning, the kids had the benefit of a "draw along" lesson, but the real purpose of this project was to give the kids an opportunity for some free color mixing experimentation. The only instruction I gave the kids during the painting portion of class was that they were absolutely free to use the lids of their watercolor set as a place to mix their own colors. 

It was exciting. I got the feeling that there were a few kids who had been waiting their whole lives to hear the words "mix your own colors". Take a look below! Enjoy these beautiful owls and appreciate the patience and attention that your children gave to their art work.