Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Paper Weaving -- Colorful Chessboards

For the past few weeks we have been working on (secret!) Mother's Day projects. Moms, you'll get to see this beautiful work and take it home after your Mother's Day Tea!

Today we did a weaving project. We began by reviewing the colors and deciding whether they were warm or cool. Red, orange, yellow and pink are warm. Blue, green and white are cool. Purple and mint are "in between" and can be cool or warm.

Then the kids chose their base paper color, either black or white. These piece of black or white construction paper were precut to allow for the weaving. Then the kids chose their colors and wove the paper up and down through the black strips. It seems like a simple project but coordinating whether you are weaving up or down with each strip turns out to be surprisingly difficult. It was interesting to see that so many of the kids were inspired to create color patterns. Others were inspired by adding as many colors as they could fit. Great work today kids!