Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Holidays are almost here!

Congratulations! Today you will come home to find the your lovely children have arrived with their art portfolios! Included in the collection is almost all the work they have done for the year.

The only pieces you will not find are the ones that are currently hanging for the holiday show (and self portraits which will hang for graduation). Today, in addition to handing back work, we did a quick lesson on symmetry and practiced different ways of drawing snowflakes. Then the kids decorated the "frames" for their winter landscape pieces with their names and snowflakes of their choosing. They are now hanging in the sanctuary!

I'm excited to see you all at the holiday show! Please remember to collect your child's art work before you leave on Friday. Thank you for sharing your little artists with me. I can't wait for the New Year and to continue working with them! Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Winter Trees!

Today we finished up our final piece for the holiday show!

We began by working with pieces we made by gluing green tissue paper onto watercolor paper. We flipped the paper over (so that they had a clean white page to work with) and did a quick lesson on drawing evergreen trees. Step by step we drew three trees (all different sizes) and then cut them out.

After that we took a few minutes to experiment with different compositions. The kids moved their trees all over the page until they found their favorite arrangement. Then we glued the trees down. Now for the really fun part! We got out a nice collection of beads, stars, sparkles and silver tissue paper strips and the kids decorated their trees, snow and sky as they liked!

Next week we will do a quick lesson on symmetry. The kids will then have a chance to "frame" these pieces with black paper and decorate with (mostly) symmetrical snowflakes. Then we will review the work from the year and pack it up so that they can bring it all home to you! Don't forget to pick up your child's displayed art work at the end of the holiday show!