Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Exploring Outer Space!

This week the kindergarten class at MMS had a chance to explore the far reaches of outer space.

We began with a quick discussion of the colors we think of when considering outer space. Then we had a chance to view some images online. Although it is easy to think of space as "black" we quickly discovered that there is a rainbow of colors in outer space.

Then the kids got out their watercolor and paintbrushes and went to work! They filled their pages with swirls of color. Some were inspired to include meteorites, planets and black holes.

Here are a few examples of the work created.

After that the kids got fresh paper and began drawing the planets, stars, comets, meteorites, shooting stars and dwarf planets (can't forget Pluto!) that they wanted to include in their final pieces. They painted these with watercolor as well.

Next class we will be cutting out all of our planets and gluing them onto the outer space backgrounds. We will also have a chance to draw and color a few spaceships and UFO to add to the final pieces. Keep an eye out for these final pieces. They should be hanging in the main hall at MMS by the end of next week!