Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Still Life -- by kindergarteners!

Despite the dreary weather, it was definitely spring time in art class today. We had a colorful bouquet to inspire us and remind us that even though the sun is hiding, there is life happening all around us.

To begin today's project, the kids chose the color paper they preferred  (either purple or blue). Then we took a moment to walk around the bouquet and see the arrangement from all sides. We noticed how what we saw changed as we moved. Each child has a unique view of the arrangement -- so all of the drawings would be different!

Beginning with pencil (and then tracing over in marker) the kids looked at the still life and then added the flowers and leaves that they saw.

After that, the kids added colors with oil pastels to complete their work!
Check out their finished work!

We also finished our surprise gift for the teachers. You will see the beautiful gift that the class created at graduation!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Colorful Bubble Explosion!

This week our art class was devoted to two projects.

One project was completing the "bubble print" work we began a few weeks ago.
And the second was a surprise gift that the kindergartners are working on as a present to give to their teachers and the school for graduation!

First the bubbles...
Some of you may recall that a few weeks ago we began a project where the children used black paint and cups of different sizes to print circles on a large white sheet of paper.


This week they had a chance to complete this work by adding color. This project is intended as an exploration of repeating patterns (circles), how they interact to create new shapes, and how oil pastels and watercolors interact on the page to create new and interesting effects.

The first thing the kids were asked to do was to use oil pastels to add color their circles. They were given free reign on color choice. After they felt they had added enough color with the oil pastel, they were encouraged to open up their watercolors and explore adding additional color (especially to the background, but also over the circles) with that medium. It was exciting to watch them discover how the oil pastels "resist" the watercolor. Many noticed that no matter how dark the paint was, when they added it over the oil pastel, the color of the oil pastel didn't change at all. Amazing!

With free choice before them, some children explored pattern in their work.

Some children enjoyed exploring the wide selection of colors available.

And some children were especially interested in adding color to their circles in careful, creative and unusual ways.

Every one of these pieces in beautiful and unique -- just like the kids. Great work, class!

As for the surprise for the MMS teachers, you'll have to wait until graduation to see that!