Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Mother's Day (the final touches) and Abstract Sketches

This week we began class by putting the final (sparkly) touches on our Mother's Day masterpieces. These beauties (sneak peeks pictured below) will be hanging for you special Mother's day tea next Friday! Please be sure to take them home with you!

While I was assisting the kids one by one with the addition of their sparkles, the rest of the class pursued a mini lesson in abstract art. We used handmade paper rulers to add 3-5 straight lines across the page in any way we pleased. Then we added 1-2 curved lines and a few circles. The kids were then free to add any details they pleased. Then they were to color all the shapes in with markers. (Unfortunately the markers are running out of ink!) Many kids found that although they began the piece without any intention, as they worked recognizable shapes, objects and scenes began to appear. What do YOU see?

 Orange for my mom, pink for my Nana.

 A dance floor with people dancing.

 A picnic

 A penguin

 A monster "X"

 A snake on the North Pole

A portal in outer space