Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Robots! Complete!

Today we finished our ROBOTS!
I brought in a collection of found objects: bottle caps, buttons, pins, beads, sparkles and glitter. The children were free to decorate their robots with these items in any way they chose.
The only parameter on this part of the project was to be sure to be generous about sharing these items with friends. The kids did wonderfully. They added all sorts of decoration to their robots and with the glitter added all sorts of wonders to the galaxies their robots inhabit.
*Special congratulations to Ava who missed last class and was able to paint and decorate her robot beautifully in one class - with time to spare for drawing afterwards!

After the kids finished I brought out some mosaic photocopies for them to try coloring. These designs really call one to consider how to approach pattern. You can find these in their bags this afternoon. Beautiful work!

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