Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Mondrian and Outer Space, continued!

Today we finished our Mondrian inspired work by carefully coloring some of the squares in our prints with the primary colors: red, blue and yellow with oil pastels. These lovely works are now hanging in the hallways outside the Bearville and Poohville classrooms.

We also continued work on our mixed media outer space project. We had a chance to take a look at photos of the planets to see their sizes and colors. We were also surprised to find that photos of outer space contained many bright and beautiful colors - not only black! The kids drew their planets and painted them with watercolors. Then they filled their outer space "backgrounds" with colors. Finally we sprinkled a little salt on the water colors as they dried as an experiment. Because the salt absorbs the water and color, you can end up with some interesting textures. Next week we will cut and paste our favorite spaceships, planets and stars onto our outerspace backgrounds!

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